América Baila – Our Passion for Dancing

Ever since this dance project was founded in 2002, América Baila dedicates all its heart and soul to the different rhythms, melodies, movements and colours of Latin America. The dancers are from different Latin American countries, reaching from Mexico to Chile, and many of them have also Swiss roots. They dispose of diverse artistic educations such as in folkloric dance styles, classical ballet, contemporary dance, hip-hop and theatre. This diversity is what enriches América Baila and turns it into a unique specimen of its kind. A significant element of América Baila’s work, are the traditional costumes that are worn at performances and vary from dance to dance. We try to combine aesthetics with authenticity and spare no effort when it comes to guarantee quality and diversity. América Baila has made its mark among the European and the Latin American audience and performs regularly at important events all over Switzerland and Europe.


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