The cultural association América Baila

The América Baila association was officially founded in 2013 with the aim of actively promoting the integration of Latin American culture in Switzerland and cultural exchange. In addition, the América Baila association supports the understanding of Latin American culture in Swiss society.
To this end, the association works closely with a professional dance group “América Baila”, which implements its objectives on a 1:1 basis. (see: “América Baila Dance Company”)

We also run a dance school that offers dance lessons for various Latin American dances for children and adults alongside the professional group. (see: “América Baila dance Academy”)

The association is therefore for people with a connection to Latin America or a great interest in this culture who want to help revive it in all its diversity in Europe.
If you can identify with the aims and activities and want to be part of a large cultural Familia Latina, why not become a part of us! We look forward to hearing from you.