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2016: El Ritmo de la Vida – Dance theatre

América Baila is back with its new production called “El Ritmo de la Vida” (The Rhythm of Life)! This dance theatre piece plays in a modern metropolis and tells the story of a young woman, who suffers a breakdown in the middle of the crowds. Overwhelmed by the velocity and the different, uncountable noises that she’s confronted with, a quiet loneliness overcomes her and she suddenly sees herself unable to feel the rhythm of life. Armed with a stethoscope, she starts looking for all different kinds of people and listens to their hearts. Each person offers her a view into his or her live, their backgrounds, their philosophies and most importantly into their individual rhythms. América Baila has developed an entertaining, colourful and emotionally charged mix of dances from Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Chile and has put it into a contemporary context.  

Tour Daten

  • 23.09. 2016 Zürich, Aula Rämibühl
  • 22.10.2016 Basel, Theater Union

2014: Fiesta!

FIESTA! A night filled with music, dance and joy! Don’t miss this opportunity and celebrate whatever there is to celebrate…

Tour Daten

  • 22.03.2014 Zürich